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Orly Mystery 'Blue'324 viewsI found this blue at a TJ Maxx, and I think it may have been mislabeled. It was labeled as Violet, but I couldn't find a swatch of another Orly color that looked like this. I was also wondering if this may have just been from batch of mistakes? I would love to find out what the name of this color actually is, and if it came from a particular collection. This is the most amazing blue! 07/03/16 at 20:13naillove: Wow - that is unique. I can't find a "vi...
Mavala 218 Minsk394 views2 coats
natural light
08/04/14 at 03:39dongdong: retro 6 jordans michael kors sales oakley sunglass...
China Glaze Breathless1018 views04/27/14 at 15:28ladychicoo: I found using China Glaze for Audrey and On The Gr...
Nails 2002 Armor Green Delight277 viewsPearly spring green :)10/07/13 at 15:01ahayes86: where can i find this brand in the ms america colo...
Sally Hansen - Black Diamond492 views09/23/13 at 12:51userh6478: This color is fantastic
OPI DS Divine662 viewsTwo coats
05/24/13 at opi ds divine.
China Glaze QT (flash)2056 views05/24/13 at china glaze qt and china glaze infra red.
China glaze LOL336 views05/24/13 at china glaze qt and china glaze lol.
OPI DS Exclusive575 views05/24/13 at I try opi ds exclusive
Borghese Patina Pearl B1301015 viewsBorghese Patina Pearl B13003/24/13 at 14:30mjones0108: I was hoping to buy some. Can I?
New York Summer Hot purple + Gosh Rainbow192 views2 coats of New York Summer Hot purple +
1 coat of Gosh Rainbow +
1 coat of New York Summer Hot purple
1 coat of INM Out the door top coat
08/26/12 at 19:07Tiso: Love this
Petites Bronze Baby Konad250 viewswww.doridavis.com05/21/12 at 13:26CQcosmetics: CQ Cosmetics is proud to announce the launch of ou...
Nicole Falling for You683 views03/20/12 at 21:03ozebaia: Found similar shade - Nubar "Iris Dust"
Holo Zebra994 viewsChG OMG with Konad #57 plate, psyche pink, violet pearl, and blue pearl03/06/12 at 10:47nailvixen: beautiful!
OPI Wine Me & Dine Me4268 viewsHollywood Collection (holiday 2007)02/04/12 at 01:53mimasu: Gorgeous! Just gorgeous!
OPI My Private Jet holo and non holo comparison2023 viewsthe new non holo version is on the index and ring finger and the old holo version is on the middle and pinky finger. The bottle is the holo version.01/07/12 at 17:35Ласточка: КРАСАВЕЦ!!!
Pure Ice - Taupe Drawer926 views10/24/11 at 11:42Svetlaya: Doubtful beauty. You have good shape of nail, but ...
China Glaze for Audrey with China Glaze Millenium design1786 views10/23/11 at 15:04giggetta: Love this!
OPI Samoan Sand384 viewswww.doridavis.com10/18/11 at 13:31gietta_bond: Wonderful color... but, is it matte?
China Glaze 2030806 viewsChina Glaze 2030
Khrome Collection Fall 2009
10/18/11 at 11:06gietta_bond: Hi! Wonderful color.. I've just finishe...
Essie – Dive Bar (Dive Bar Collection)232 views3 coats with topcoat – sunlight09/29/11 at 15:33lushlife83: lovely! =)
OPI - 20 Candles on My Cake1375 views09/17/11 at 21:19ellenvictoria22: I have this color and I can't wait to use it!...
OPI - Congeniality Is My Middle Name (Miss Universe Collection)295 views3 coats with topcoat08/21/11 at 05:31Thinkpink: are 3 coats really necessary? Otherwise: wonderuf ...
OPI DS Shimmer263 viewsJapanese release, DS-001-JP
07/26/11 at 04:15Periwinkle2: Thank you
Across the Universe Matte Funky French613 viewsDeborah Lippman Across the Universe and OPI Lincoln Park After Dark Matte
07/09/11 at 20:20malepolish: I love this idea. Inspired by kim kardashian right...
CND Effects Ice Blue Shimmer over Essie Mink Muffs624 views07/04/11 at 15:24lushlife83: lovely combo
Zoya Gemma253 viewsThe only avocado type green that looks good on me. :D07/04/11 at 15:18lushlife83: gorgeous <3
Attitude - Aurora306 views07/03/11 at 13:44lushlife83: lovely holo glitter
Zoya Parker394 views3 coats
natural light
07/03/11 at 13:39lushlife83: gorgeous color!
OPI - Suzi Sells Sushi by the Seashore877 views07/03/11 at 13:27lushlife83: pretty <3
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